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The joys of going to the movies or how I watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Went to watch the movie, FINALLY! *sight*
Ok, yes, I’m probably the LAST one to watch it but hey better late than never. ^_^ I didn’t even know it was already out for sometime *ahem* Accidently saw the trailer on TV. Anyway, how I got to my local cinema is a story in itself. First I’ve bought the tickets for the noontime airing. Yup, went alone since none of my friends share my movie tastes. T_T *bunch of traitors* Just kidding ^_^
So full of the anticipation I went. And what? 0_0 In the end it was canceled since there were only 3 people (not many of Hunger Games fans out here I guess) and they do not air the damn movie unless there are 5 people to watch it (damn cinema policy) so we got a refund and went on our merry way. F*** This idiocy is seriously pisses me off. Arghh.
Anyway I bought a ticket to the evening airing this time and 0h finally there were around 20 people this time so… it was postponed instead for the whole 25 minutes! Grrr. Under what pretence you may ask? Well, who the h**l knows! Probably just to wait and see maybe a couple of more people would join in on our merry bunch of royally pissed cinema-goers who were ready to strangle someone (namely the cinema administration). Now I think I know why there were only 3 people first time around. No one will go there a second time with such sh***y service.
But oh well, even though my mood by the time was ruined with all this sh*t I quite enjoyed the movie. In my opinion the second part is even better then the first one. And was (to my big surprised) quite close to the book so I guess it was worth the wait. ^_^
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Love Stage!! gets an animation
Seems like another one of my favorite BL stories gets an anime adaptation. Yup, I've probably the last one to find out but still... ^_^ The popular BL manga Love Stage!! created by Eiki Eki and Taishi Zaou is soon to become an anime or OVA (this is yet to be announced). Well, yay! One more animation to look forward too. I hope it's gonna be better than the Tight Rope OVAs which were a big disappointment for me since I really like Natsume Isaku’s works.

Something Old or something New?
I've just found out that the much anticipating Sailor Moon anime remake is gonna be aired sooner than it was originally planned. Well, what can I say...? YaY! This anime was the very first one I've ever seen on TV as a kid and it won't be an understatement to say that it's my childhood fancy. So hearing this news made me feel really nostalgic. *sigh*
Originally I thought it was gonna be a makeover with a bit of improvements on sound and picture quality (and preferably more close to the original plot) but alas now it seems like the new version is gonna be a totally new story with a different plot and relations. So I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.
Well, let's see and find out. ^_^

P.s. The weather is getting colder so I'm off to drink some hot cacao and read one of Touko Kawai's sweet mangas. Yup, my tastes are quite complex. Hehe
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Was going through my drawers and came across my bijouterie set I bought last year.
It's a handmade exclusively by Russian artist. Isn't it cute, guys?

Now I know what I will wear on Halloween. LOL ^_^
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A little piece of sunshine
Seeing as I still have a cold, I've decided to post something bright and sunny to cheer myself up.
So here it is, one of my most favorite flowers - sunflower. SUNFLOWERWALLPAPER
No flower can lift spirits quite like sunflowers can. They are the happiest of flowers, vibrant and cheery, warm and caring like a small sun. According to the different sources their meanings also stem from its namesake, the sun itself and include loyalty and consistency, adoration and longevity. They are also very easy to grow provided that you have a spot with a lot of sunshine. ^_^
In Ukraine it's become a national flower of sorts. And even though we cultivate it mainly for its seeds and oil, you can also find it as a garden flower.
Sunflower is the best way to lift up someone's spirits and make you smile. ^_^

First Korean dorama in Ukraine!
OMG! The Korean dorama Jang Ok Jung is gonna be aired next week on Ukrainian channel Inter!
Well, it’s not my first choice as far as Korean series go but I hope that beautiful national features of the East will manage to capture the interest of our audience. It’s the first ever Asian dorama to be aired on our national television!!! 0_0 And I was actually very surprised to see the news today and so glad! If it well received than it’s gonna make a precedent and help bring more Korean doramas to our country and spread the Asian love! YaY! Finally!!! I’m so gonna try and hook up all my friends and my mom! ^_^

Urgh, it sucks to catch а cold in summer( Well, it sucks period but in summer when it’s 30C even in my apartment it sucks big time! My nose running, my throat is sore and I’m totally beat((( Urgh, gonna take my medicine, my pillow and go to sleep off (and hopefully sweat it out).

Manga collection part 2
And to continue with the manga topic, here's my yaoi collection.
Yes, I know, it's even smaller my friends but it's one of my fav. artists who brought me to the yaoi world ^_^
Yup, it's all thanks to Honami Yukine and her beautiful art style. It's sad that she doesn't draw manga anymore(
I also plan to add some of Kannagi Satoru and Touko Kawai to my yaoi shelf as well. ^_^
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Manga collection.
Here's my very own shoujo manga collection
Yup, I know it's small but I try adding to it whenever I have some spare cash which is not so often (as you can see) but still... ^_^
Then again it consists of my all time favorites (and not many of it licensed it English) like "Hana Kimi" and "Black Bird" (the last volumes are on the way).
I also plan to add "Kamisama Kiss" in the near future and maybe "From Far Away" (if I'd find it in moderate price), oh and "Dengeki Daisy" as well. Looks like I will need a new bookshelf too. ^_^
I know a lot of people prefer read manga in digital nowadays but I'm a bit conservative I guess. Whether it's a book or a manga volume, I like it better printed out. It gives you absolutely different feeling when you hold it in your hands. ^_^ Plus my eyes hurt less that way. ^_^
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First love dies hard or feeling nostalgic…
I was going through my hard drive and the copious amount off stuff that stuffed there (^_^) one of which is happened to be my old stash of fanfics (Harry Potter fandoom, LOL). Even though I've already outgrown my childhood fascination with this series I still feel warm and nostalgic every time I come across it. It’s like a first crush! *sigh* ^_^
Anyway coming across this file made me remember one of my all time favorite fanfiction “The Color of Hope”. It’s a work by Russian author Ledi Fiona and it’s a very EPIC thing. I swear there is a great amount of fantastics and very talented fanfiction authors out there but only few of them left such a long lasting impression on me. It was so big that we humble fans of this great story even decided to actually publish it as a book. And I’m very grateful to the girls who made our wish into reality so now this baby is sitting on my bookshelf and I re-read it from time to time.
Here’s a cover pic if you are curious. It’s 2 volumes beauty and even illustrated. ^_^
This is a wonderful story which depicts the life of two generations of our Hogwarts friends a.k.a. AU. Thus it’s divided into two parts: The Past and The Present (even and odd chapters correspondingly). The Past tells a story of Narcissa Black, Lucius Malfoy, The Marauders and Severus Snape. Mostly it revolves around Narcissa & Sirius’ friendship and love, along with Lucius Malfoy’s romantic line. As a parallel to the parents’ story goes a story of Draco & Hermione a.k.a. The Present. Yes, guys, “The Color of Hope” is ultimately Dramione (but it’s my favorite fandom pairing so that’s ok. ^_^)
Anyway this two parts alternate one another showing all the similarities and differences between the two generations, the situations they fall into and the choices they make. Only in the end this two lines blend into one. It’s really beautiful and dramatic! I won’t go into much detail seeing as I’m not very good at making reviews and probably won’t be able to make justice to the real thing anyway. But if you know Russian, you should definitely try it out. It will be worth your while, I promise!
Personally I loved it to pieces especially the Past part. It made me look at Lucius and Narcissa from the whole new perspective showing the cause and effects of what made them who they are.
Ok, I can talk about it for ages so I will stop now. Just go and take a look. ^_~